The path

I decided once again that I do want to move to Lebanon and give it a try.  I have been spending so much time here recently and I really feel comfortable with the idea.  I think I am capable of surviving here unlike what most people tell me.

I started meeting with potential clients and getting a sense of what the work culture is like in Beirut.  I started networking and meeting more and more people.  I met awesome inspiring people who encouraged me to make the move.  I wanted to be here, I wanted to be surrounded by people such as these.

However, I also kept meeting negative people.  People who thought I was crazy to consider such a move. They highlighted every negative aspect of the country; traffic, electricity, high living expenses, stress, etc.  I also kept running into many angry and bitter people.  Was I going to be like them when I move here? I really hope not.

It’s a shame, such a shame, that the people who live here cannot appreciate their surroundings. I look out the window and as I walk onto the balcony, I take a deep breath, and by looking at the neighbors plants on the buildings, the broken down buildings, the abandoned homes, the abandoned train station, the sea, the mountains… I take a deep breath and I smile.  I shall move here and I shall try it out. I shall place myself in a bubble that would keep the negativity away from me… and if the day comes when I become a bitter and angry person, I have friends whom I’ve informed to make sure I leave the country at once.


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