Elevator Climate

As I was walking to my office this morning, I was enjoying the nice summer breeze and was thinking how this has been making my walks a lot more pleasant. It’s currently 22 degrees and slightly cloudy and has not gotten hot and sticky yet, instead its still rather cool and a few nights ago it was slightly cold and rainy!

As I was drinking my coffee, I was going through instagram and my timeline was filled of pictures of friends’ dashboards who live in Kuwait, Dubai, and Qatar, displaying the temperature there which ranged between 47 and 52 degrees. I thought to myself, “wow! I’m glad I get to enjoy pleasant weather instead of suffer in the heat!”

A few minutes later, I get into an elevator with 2 young women who opened small talk,

“It’s soooo hot today” one on them said, the other replied, “I know! That’s why I gave my car to valet this morning since I didn’t want to walk in this heat!!”

I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling as I was getting out of the elevator…



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