The Basic Meet and Greet

I have moved around quite a bit so I know it will take time for people to get used to what I’m like, but here’s a little guide for those of you who have only recently met me:

  1. Nicknames – I HATE them. I don’t get the obsession with calling people with any name besides their actual name. My name is Rita. It’s a short and easy name to say so please do not call me Ratrout, Ratrouta, Rattouta, Ritrat, Ratareet or anything else. Only one person is allowed to call me something besides Rita and that’s my dad who calls me Rito… and no you can’t do the same.
  2. Hugs –I am NOT a hugger. What does that mean? Simple – don’t open your arms as you approach me because I’m not going in for a hug. I never understood the need people have for hugging one another every time they meet. If I become your friend (not facebook friend, but your actual friend), you will find that I will be more receptive to hugs and I shall hug you on special occasions or when you’re in dire need of a hug. I have been told that when I do hug, I’m a pretty great hugger, so wait for it, it will be worth it.
  3. Kissing Etiquette – Ok I don’t have a rule for this. I’ve lived in multi-cultural environments so it’s always been confusing for me, do I go for 2 kisses on the cheek? 3? How many? I usually crack a joke in the process but here in Lebanon I’ve been getting confused. Wasn’t the Lebanese culture part of the 3-kiss rule? I’ve been encountering 1 or 2 kisses as well. Someone guide me… which is it?

One thought on “The Basic Meet and Greet”

  1. OMG! Glad to know you are a non-hugger too. Where were you all my life? lol. I felt awkward most of my life, at school, among friends, etc. I was always the one standing on the side deliberating in my mind ‘but why? should I too? naaaaaah, I’ll just move away, they’ll get it, or maybe I should, no I shouldn’t, fuck them I don’t want to, but would they think I don’t love them if I don’t?’. I can definitely not hug you when I see you every other week-end, I’d rather do the 3 kisses than hug. Does this make sense? lol.

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