Getting up close & personal with a truck


It’s not a secret that when you move to Lebanon, one of the things you really need to adjust to is the driving here. ¬†(Un)Fortunately, I was not a complete stranger to driving in Lebanon since I have been driving here for years, and actually learnt how to drive in Lebanon but nonetheless, one of the things everyone warned me about when I was moving here was driving.

Shortly after I moved here, I got initiated into the accidents in Lebanon club however, funny enough, I was not driving.

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World Cup Madness in Beirut

The referee blew the last whistle of the 2014 World Cup and the crowd at the pub on Mar Mikhael street went wild as the German team took the trophy.

As I walked out of the pub, I looked down the street and saw that a few fans had taken to the street honking their cars and waving the German flag while a bunch of other guys were lighting some fireworks in the middle of the road. I told my friend¬†“I’m glad I don’t live in this neighborhood.”

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