Getting up close & personal with a truck


It’s not a secret that when you move to Lebanon, one of the things you really need to adjust to is the driving here.  (Un)Fortunately, I was not a complete stranger to driving in Lebanon since I have been driving here for years, and actually learnt how to drive in Lebanon but nonetheless, one of the things everyone warned me about when I was moving here was driving.

Shortly after I moved here, I got initiated into the accidents in Lebanon club however, funny enough, I was not driving.

I drove into a quiet and narrow street in Antelias, parallel parked my car, and was standing outside getting bags from the backseat with the back door open; I suddenly jumped, startled to find myself getting up close and personal with the tires of a 6 wheeler! A truck actually drove through this narrow street, hitting my open door which at this point was just going back and forth between the truck’s tires and my body. I was just hopping in my place making sounds I wasn’t aware I was capable of. As the truck continued it’s journey, I must confess, I did swear quite a bit and cussing the day I thought of moving to Lebanon, but quickly composed myself and  started taking care of the situation. Fortunately, I had been shopping earlier, so I removed the small ropes from the shopping bags, tied them together and tied my accordion-resembling door to the car and drove off to get it fixed.

I remember being furious that afternoon that it even worried me since I could not remember the last time I had been that furious. It made me wonder, maybe Lebanon was not the right place for me after all.  How often could I handle situations such as these?

Now that the bruises on my body are gone and my door is replaced with a new one, I look back and smile. I am glad I did not give up.



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