Strange Effect on Me


As I was sitting on my balcony on a Sunday afternoon, I realized how light I felt.

I can’t imagine living anywhere else.
Right now, in this moment, the world feels right.

It’s pretty difficult to even imagine that I ever lived elsewhere.
Has is it really only been 3 months since I moved here?

For someone who didn’t grow up here,
For someone whose family doesn’t live here,
For someone who left her friends and her life behind,
It feels surreal that this place fits like a glove.

Lebanon, you’ve got a strange effect on me.

I’m staying here for as long as it continues to feel this way.



One thought on “Strange Effect on Me”

  1. VaÅ¡e názory jsou fakt patetické. Každý pÅ™ece ví, že „Právník roku“ je cena rozprodávaná MsP a ÄŒAK pro přátelské advokáty či osoby, které je potÅ™eba &#;Å22;od2¡kodnit&#82208. T. Sajdl

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