Bad Behavior Example?


I got into a service in which the driver’s young son was in the passenger seat with his iPod connected to the cab’s stereo playing a Taylor Swift playlist.   Both father and son did not have their seat belts on and the driver was texting and driving.

They were silent for most of the ride until we got to Dora bridge where we picked up an elderly man who must have been around 80 years old.  The man just wanted to get to the Mercedes-Benz showroom which as a lot of you may know, that’s like a 2 minute walk.

I have a weak spot for old people and I totally empathized with this elderly gentleman who obviously has a difficult time walking short distances.  I thought to myself that if the driver offered the man the ride for free he seriously would restore my faith in humanity.  He did quite the opposite.  He charged him the fare and once the elderly gentleman left the car, the cab driver turns to his son and tells him that that elderly gentleman is an example of what lazy means and if he (the kid) was ever to be that lazy, he’d kick him out of the house.

I was bewildered!

An old man not being able to take a short walk was a bad example for his son, but him driving without a seat belt and texting whilst driving are acceptable behaviors for his kid to pick up?!




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