How Does One Survive in Lebanon?


I’ve been having a run of bad luck for several months now.

It really started  a month before I moved to Lebanon.  It’s just been one thing after the next but mostly it’s been car accidents. I think it’s been 6 or 7 car accidents since April… and before you judge my driving, let me say that 2 of those accidents were when I was in a cab.

After each incident/accident, my friends have been waiting for me to break down or explode or something but instead I’d just shrug it off and laugh… until a few days ago.

A few days ago, I had one of those absurdly insane days in which everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  It started off with my cab showing up late which then got a flat tire on my way to work.  Fortunately, I wasn’t late and shrugged it off.

Later during the day, I couldn’t find a cab and walked a good half hour until a cab did pick me up… and got into an accident 2 minutes later.  I shrugged it off and walked away.

To make a long story short, a few more things similar to the above took place all throughout the day… and then my phone broke down and I broke down with it… and while I was in the midst of my breakdown (tears and all) I tripped over a flattened dead rat and broke down some more.

I shall admit, that then and at that moment, I did blurt out “kiss ikht el se3a yali na2elt fiya 3a hal balad” (loosely translated into damn the moment I moved to this country).

When I mentioned the episode to a few people close to me, their reaction was this is what I get for moving to Lebanon.

Really though? Is it fair to blame these incidents on Lebanon? Don’t people abroad have a bad day or a run of bad luck?

Is it just easier for all of us to blame the country even when we’re just having a bad hair day?

This got me thinking…

I promised myself before I moved to Lebanon that I will not become like one of those negative or bitter people and my friends are on standby to pull me out when I do start resembling those people.

The question I ask myself now, is how does one survive in Lebanon? By surviving in Lebanon, I don’t mean just being alive and breathing but by truly surviving. By truly remaining true to yourself. By being who you are. By living, and being happy with the life that you have?

Even with all that has been happening, I somehow remain positive, I still am extremely happy. The question is how to sustain and even improve on it?

Will I fail or will I succeed?


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