Hiking in Lebanon

This post was published in Bazaar Magazine in Kuwait earlier this year but I felt the need to share it on the blog as well since many friends constantly ask me about hiking.



When people think of Lebanon, they usually think of wars and battles or plastic surgeries and an extravagant nightlife.
When I think of Lebanon, I think of the great outdoors and beautiful scenery it provides that is unique to the Middle East.

I used to get into the car and just drive up into the mountains exploring the areas and discovering every region’s unique nature. Every curve offered a different scenic view, every town and village I’d pass by would have it’s own identity. I always ended up feeling serene during these drives.

How I got into hiking:
Several years ago, a group of friends were going hiking and I tagged along. At first I was worried I would get shattered and not be able to complete the 6-hour hike. I rarely visit the gym or exercise. The thought of using a treadmill makes me feel like a gerbil running in a wheel in a cage! To my surprise, not only did I complete the hike, I was so entranced by the views, the trails, the continuous change of the surrounding nature that even when exhausted I continued on, wanting to see more.

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