Being Gino Raidy for Halloween…



For Halloween I decided to be Gino Raidy.

Why?  Started as a lame joke (just like this post) that I turned to reality because I still hadn’t gotten a costume and didn’t have much time to do so.

How does it feel to be Gino for a night?
You learn first hand how popular Gino is in the community. Strangers were taking pictures with me because ohmagawwwwd Gino! 

People really seem to have a thing for beards, especially women. They’d just come up to me and play with my beard.

Speaking of women, not sure why but a lot of women would hug me and rub my belly.  Santa Claus issues? Not sure.

As for men, I didn’t get hit on that night. Nothing. Nada. Even when I flirted.

However, I think being in that “costume” made people feel I was approachable which made it an interesting night of socializing.

Overall – not a bad night being Gino.




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