The Importance of Trying New Things

Ever since I was in high school, I have been creating 5 year plans, which I’d revise according to new circumstances or opportunities. I was a total control freak. I simply liked to envision what my life could possible look like in the future. “Knowing” what the future held for me always made me feel more at ease and a lot more confident.

A few months ago, I found myself without a plan and clueless about where I wanted to head to or what I wanted to do next. Naturally, the control freak in me hit the panic button but I soon realized how liberating this was.  I also remembered that I promised myself to hit the cruise control button this year. 

I am simply floating around aimlessly, waiting for something to appeal to my senses so I’d head in its direction.

Once I decided to accept the uncertainty, is almost felt like I got a new lease on life. I had a blank canvas that I can fill up any way I wanted to. This experience has rejuvenated me more than any vacation could possibly do.

We already established through previous posts, that I have moved out of my social comfort zone, but I also find myself trying new things, and wanting to try several more. There’s a hunger inside of me that I can’t seem to satisfy nor tame.

We all have our comfort zones that reassures us, allows us to feel comfortable through their predictability and that could be a good thing when our lives are busy and we are stressed. However, if you think of it, our comfort zones limit our personal growth.  I’m aware that moving out of our comfort zone may be difficult and scary. We’re afraid we will fail or have an awful experience.

I found that a way to treat this is not to take radical steps but take small baby steps at first. For instance, I started by challenging myself to write in a different style, or paint in a different style. Basically, doing the things I always did but differently. I joined a gym and changed my diet.I have been trying odd jobs and projects that I always wanted to try.  I have been trying to cook dishes I never dreamed of trying before. I’m continuously reading or watching documentaries on several topics constantly wanting to learn more. I’m buying a saxophone and taking lessons again.  This may sound silly to some of you, but everyone has different comfort zones so it’s up to each individual to figure out how to move out of it.

I have always been aware of my personal development and have constantly strived to grow but I am in awe of the progress I have done during the recent months.

I encourage every single one of you, to have the courage of starting something new, you might find something new you enjoy doing, plus it will keep you from getting bored, and most importantly force you to grow.


One thought on “The Importance of Trying New Things”

  1. I feel you.
    Change is good. It happens either with minor changes, or ONE MAJOR BIG change that gets things started.
    My life is the opposite. I am floating and going where the wind takes me, to the abyss sometimes, with the intention to take over my life sometime. I can never tell that it is working until it is.

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