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A Lebanese Soldier Goes to War

He carries his country in his heart,
Leaving loved ones behind,
Bidding them goodbye,
Will he see them again?

Off he goes to fight for country,
Into battle he goes,
He risks his life,
Wiping away terrorists.

Landmines buried on dusty roads,
Rockets blasting nearby,
His friend falls,
The excruciating sound of pain.

He’s sent off to keep the peace,
Crowded streets of protestors,
Filled with hatred and anger,
When will this end?

Fortunately, he will go home,
He’ll never be the same again,
Never forgetting the horrors he saw,
As he deeply mourns those killed.




“Sorry madam, but botox is confusing!”

A couple of weeks ago, my brother’s sister-in-law, a university student, got into a massive car accident. I went to visit her at the dorms to check on her.  I asked the security at the gate which building was the dormitory I was looking for, and he pointed me at the right direction.

He then asks “Your daughter stays here?”

It took me a moment to register and reply, “My daughter?! I know I’m old enough to have kids but not kids who are old enough to be in university.”

His defense? “Sorry madam but nowadays with botox it’s confusing!”

LMAO! Poor soul dug a deeper hole .

Being Gino Raidy for Halloween…



For Halloween I decided to be Gino Raidy.

Why?  Started as a lame joke (just like this post) that I turned to reality because I still hadn’t gotten a costume and didn’t have much time to do so.

How does it feel to be Gino for a night?
You learn first hand how popular Gino is in the community. Strangers were taking pictures with me because ohmagawwwwd Gino! 

People really seem to have a thing for beards, especially women. They’d just come up to me and play with my beard.

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