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Farewell Baklava?

As I take a bite of a piece of baklava, I try to remember the last time I had one. This isn’t a story about Baklava or about the origins of Baklava. No, it’s not remotely close to that.

Have you ever bought or made baklava for your own pleasure, to enjoy on your own? I know I haven’t. Baklava is made to be shared with family, with friends, with our neighbors. Baklava is made to be enjoyed in the company of other people.

If you compare that to chocolate, which are individually wrapped with a colorful appeal, they were meant to be eaten alone. As you take a bite of chocolate, you’re in pursuit to find that perfect oomf which you usually don’t get.

The different chocolate wrappers have different tastes to achieve the different emotions you want to get as you savor that bite. Baklavas are consistent in taste that fail to surprise you. Baklava being the predictable option.

As our society  is gradually evolving towards an individualistic culture, the less we start seeing Baklavas on tables being shared. People tend to live in their box, pursuing happiness on an individual level, with a twist, rather than share comfort and joy with others.

Will baklava completely disappear from our tables one day? Will it make a comeback? Or will we continue saving baklava for special occassions?


Win a 50,000LL Voucher to Eat at Lord of the Wings!

“el ness byeklo ta y3isho, enti bit3ishi la tekle” is what I constantly hear.  Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I constantly have food on my mind and I really am not a snobby eater… or a healthy eater.

I always order delivery or eat out; 95% of the time it’s junk food and 99.9% of the time my meals include french fries.  So yes I’m not a snobby eater, but I’m picky about the non-healthy food I eat.  I’ve been on the hunt for the best burger in town, which I believe I’ve found, but I’ve got to try one more place before I review burger places.

What I will be reviewing today, as you may have guessed from the title of this post is Lord of the Wings new menu.  I was invited a couple of days ago, along with other bloggers and tweeps to try out their new menu.  We were offered 18 items to sample and I must confess I did not try them all since some of them included veggies and I don’t come close to veggies.

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