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A Lebanese Soldier Goes to War

He carries his country in his heart,
Leaving loved ones behind,
Bidding them goodbye,
Will he see them again?

Off he goes to fight for country,
Into battle he goes,
He risks his life,
Wiping away terrorists.

Landmines buried on dusty roads,
Rockets blasting nearby,
His friend falls,
The excruciating sound of pain.

He’s sent off to keep the peace,
Crowded streets of protestors,
Filled with hatred and anger,
When will this end?

Fortunately, he will go home,
He’ll never be the same again,
Never forgetting the horrors he saw,
As he deeply mourns those killed.




My take on BDL Accelerate 2014

Whenever I get approached for projects I always try to make sure they are projects I would enjoy, so when Eastline Marketing approached me for BDL Accelerate it really was a no brainer for me… and I’m so glad I said yes!

For those of you who aren’t aware BDL Accelerate is Lebanon’s First International Startup Conference.  I’ve always been passionate about startups, constantly following international startups and their success stories and dedicated to working with regional startups.

BDL Accelerate 2014 took place Thursday and Friday and it was remarkable being there.  I spent the whole of two days in the main hall that witnessed 9 panels, 7 keynotes, 2 firesides, 5 interventions and of course, Seedstars World Startup Competition. 

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