Living Without Social Boundaries

As I was walking down the street the other day, I saw an old lady having a difficult time walking.  She was trying to find a car or a wall that she can hold on to as she walked extremely slowly.  I asked if I could help her. She grabbed on to my arm and we walked together.

She was headed to a nearby mini market to do some grocery shopping. The mini market was around 30 meters away but it took us a good 10 minutes to walk that distance. Naturally, during that walk, I was asked my name, where I was from, how old I was, if I was married, why was I not married and she shared information from her life.

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Fear has taken over my life

It suddenly felt like someone threw a bucket of freezing water on my head.

There I was, drinking and smoking in front of one of the drinking holes in Beirut, whilst chatting with a young lady whom I had just met 10 minutes earlier. I don’t even remember her name. This complete stranger said something so profound that it resonated in me and is the trigger to many of the adventures I’m about to partake in.

I’ve always taken pride in myself for being a risk taker, but it’s suddenly become apparent that I really have never taken a genuine risk in my life. I’m so filled with fear that I’ve never really attempted to do anything I’ve dreamed of achieving.

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