Win a 50,000LL Voucher to Eat at Lord of the Wings!

“el ness byeklo ta y3isho, enti bit3ishi la tekle” is what I constantly hear.  Anyone who follows me on twitter knows I constantly have food on my mind and I really am not a snobby eater… or a healthy eater.

I always order delivery or eat out; 95% of the time it’s junk food and 99.9% of the time my meals include french fries.  So yes I’m not a snobby eater, but I’m picky about the non-healthy food I eat.  I’ve been on the hunt for the best burger in town, which I believe I’ve found, but I’ve got to try one more place before I review burger places.

What I will be reviewing today, as you may have guessed from the title of this post is Lord of the Wings new menu.  I was invited a couple of days ago, along with other bloggers and tweeps to try out their new menu.  We were offered 18 items to sample and I must confess I did not try them all since some of them included veggies and I don’t come close to veggies.

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The Che Obsession

How on earth did Che Guevara become an icon? A brand?  A tool for capitalists?

We see Che Guevara products everywhere.  Anything from tshirts, posters, cigarette holders, caps, keychains and more.  I always wonder what would Che Guevara think?  How can people who support his ideals buy these items since it contradicts with all his ideals and beliefs?


A communist/socialist/marxist image has become a major player in the capitalist’s world.

Personally, I admire Che Guevara but yesterday I asked myself a question:


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“Sorry madam, but botox is confusing!”

A couple of weeks ago, my brother’s sister-in-law, a university student, got into a massive car accident. I went to visit her at the dorms to check on her.  I asked the security at the gate which building was the dormitory I was looking for, and he pointed me at the right direction.

He then asks “Your daughter stays here?”

It took me a moment to register and reply, “My daughter?! I know I’m old enough to have kids but not kids who are old enough to be in university.”

His defense? “Sorry madam but nowadays with botox it’s confusing!”

LMAO! Poor soul dug a deeper hole .

Choosing a bank in Lebanon: Bank Audi Won My Heart.

When you move to a new country you end up going through the hassle of shopping for a bank.  The process could get bumpy and quite frustrating at times… and even more so in Lebanon.

Retail banking in Lebanon is so far behind compared to some of the countries I’ve lived in. I understand some of the reasons behind this but I sometimes really do feel we’re 20 or 30 years behind.

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My take on BDL Accelerate 2014

Whenever I get approached for projects I always try to make sure they are projects I would enjoy, so when Eastline Marketing approached me for BDL Accelerate it really was a no brainer for me… and I’m so glad I said yes!

For those of you who aren’t aware BDL Accelerate is Lebanon’s First International Startup Conference.  I’ve always been passionate about startups, constantly following international startups and their success stories and dedicated to working with regional startups.

BDL Accelerate 2014 took place Thursday and Friday and it was remarkable being there.  I spent the whole of two days in the main hall that witnessed 9 panels, 7 keynotes, 2 firesides, 5 interventions and of course, Seedstars World Startup Competition. 

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Dedig, I regret

I look at your face trying to find a glimpse of the person I knew so I could tell you these words…

A few months ago I decided to write about you – to write about your stories.

The stories you used to tell me on slow and quiet afternoons,
the stories you used to tell me as we’d walk down the streets and you would reminisce,
the stories you told me about the time you met her,
the stories that made you you,
the stories that made me cherish those moments we had.

As I sat down to write those stories, I realized my memory has failed me. I don’t remember those stories as vividly as they were told by you.

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Accumulating Fatigue

Numb. Totally numb.

Emotionally drained and exhausted.

Today has been a rough day and it has taken a toll on me. Numbness.

How is it possible that all the occurrences that took place today managed to affect me as much they have? Me?! I’m the person who has become known for being so cool and peaceful. That person who does not get bothered by anything. I deal with situations and move on.

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