I did it!

Cheers to a new day
Cheers to a new day


 It’s finally sinking in… I did it. I have moved here.

It kicked in for the first time yesterday, as I was leaving the office and walking to my car and paid attention to the view of the sea, the mountains, and the port. I froze, I took a deep breath, I smiled… and it hit me, I have moved here. I am no longer a visitor but I actually live here!

I went out for a stroll during lunch break today. I had my earphones on and my playlist was on shuffle… and again, at some point, I froze, I took a deep breath, I smiled… I did it. I moved here.  I felt so light. I could actually feel a bounce in my steps, and was controlling myself from dancing in the streets.

I wondered how long would I feel like this?

The past month has been a hectic one to say the least.

Approximately 5 weeks ago, I was in Kuwait, sitting at Paul sipping on coffee when I received the call I had been waiting for… the contract was ready and all I had to do was fly in to sign and set things up. I had thought once I’d receive this call I’d be jumping for joy but instead, I put the phone down and according to my friend who saw me, I turned pale.

Thoughts and questions started rushing through my head.

“Is this what I really want?”
“Will I be able to financially survive?”
“Am I really ready to leave my comfort zone?”
“Am I ready to start a new life in a new country?”
“Am I not tired of moving around?”

My friends found this amusing since they knew I have wanted this for a while.  They went through the logistics with me to show me there was nothing to worry about … and then it hit me! I have to start packing NOW! I was going to travel to Beirut in 2 days for a few days to finalize things, then return to Kuwait for a few days before I head to Nepal on a trekking trip, and only had 2 days after that trip to physically move to Lebanon.  That leaves me with no time to pack!!

Back to panic mode I cancel all my plans for the night and rushed home to pack.  When I walked in, I found dad chilling in the living room and I gave him the news. He was delighted for me and told me what a great opportunity this is and he could not figure out why I was freaking out.  He did manage to calm me down for a while… until my brother and he got to witness my tantrums while I was packing.  I really was freaking out!

*deep breaths Rita, deep breaths*

3 weeks later, I somehow managed to go on my trekking trip (it honestly could not have come at a better time), packed and moved!

I now have been living in Lebanon for 2 weeks and I am looking forward to all the adventures this move will bring into my life.

P.S. Friends and family have bets running on how long I’d last here just in case you’re interested.



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